Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to sign a contract with TS Diagnotic?

No, we sell test packages with no time constraints or annual subscriptions.

What language is available?

TS Diagnostic is currently available only in English, but we are working to offer it also in Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

Do you offer technical support during use?

Of course, a multi-lingual team will be available 7 days a week.

Do you offer initial training?

Of course, one of our multi-lingual technicians will be available during the first hours of using the software.

Is it possible to test it before purchase?

Absolutely, we offer a completely free demo with one of our trained technicians and a number
of free tests you can carry out.

Activate your 7 days trial for free!


7 days of free trial
20 monthly test

€ 0,00
for first 7 days

Then € 19,99 / months + VAT

Most sold!


7 days free trial
150 monthly test

€ 0,00
for first 7 days

Then € 49,99 / months + VAT


7 days free trial
40 monthly test

€ 0,00
for first 7 days

Then € 34,99 / months + VAT

First 7 days of all plans are free! At 8th days you will be charged the amount of the subscription chose. You can cancel at any time.